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Bethesda, MD 20814
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1.  (01.20.17 - T.M.)  Overall Rating : 

Review : Two of the best dentist I have ever known. Compassionate and competent. They just don't get any better. Michael

2.  (12.13.11 - T.M.)  Overall Rating : 

Review : Outstanding! The staff was extremely friendly and professional. The office set up was awesome too; It was helpful that Dr. Nunez explained each procedure. I will recommend your office to all my friends.


3.  (3.21.12 - V.B.)    Overall Rating : 

Review : Very warm and safe feeling when you enter the office. Service was excellent. Definitely recommend especially if you have had bad experiences with other dentist. Great team. 


4.  (11.16.12 - John)  Overall Rating : 

Review : Dr. Christian Nuñez is one of the most experienced dentists.  I visited him when i was looking for some dentist for my dental bonding. One of my friend suggested the name of Dr. Christian Nuñez.  I found Dr. Christian Nuñez more than my friend had explained to me.


5. ( 11-7-13 -  Wayne)     Overall Rating : 

Review : Great work. Highly recommanded 

6. ( 11-28-13 -  Mukaddam)     Overall Rating :

Review : I came to this dentistry needing a root canal done. And because I am nearly 9 months pregnant, I needed everything to be done before the baby arrives (end of Nov!). The staff is courteous, and the office environment is modern and welcoming. Dr. Nunez is the best dentist I have ever had! He is knowledgeable and competent. Unlike many dentists, he took time explaining each procedure in detail. I have had a great feeling of being taken care of, really. I am extremely grateful for all the work they have done, and in such a short period of time (root canal, 4 plus fillings in just 2 weeks)! I would highly recommend this place to anyone! 

7. (1-7-14 - Nikia)      Overall Rating : 

Review : I totally enjoyed my experience at Divine Smiles, the staff is very friendly and display great customer service, they perform their job with a smile while remaining professional. The doctors genuinely care about your dental health and the comfort of your visit. I visited the office to get two extractions, I did not feel any pain at all even during the numbing process. Awesome experience overall!

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